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Alberto Giacometti – An Artist With a Different Kind of Vision

By admin | Sunday, April 25th, 2010 | Watercolor

Artists such as painters and sculptors are usually praised when they are able to represent reality. However, when the artwork produced is abstract and different, the opinions of the people are split into two: some agree that these are works of a genius, while others disagree completely. Regardless of opinion, these artists have their own unique vision and abstract painting techniques. Because of his, Alberto Giacometti became popular among art critics and fans. His works shown in museums were often the subject of awe and amusement.

Alberto Giacometti had art running through his veins. He came from an artistic family. From all his studying and talent, he was able to become one of the best surrealist artists of the world. Although it might seem that his works, both sculptures and paintings, seem distorted and abstract versions of humans, this was how he saw the world. Even with this, he had a certain measurement that he followed in order to stick to ‘capture the moment’.

He became famous not only because of his creations but also because of the way he produced these. Instead of looking at the work he was doing, he was concentrated on looking at the model he was copying. This, he believed, was his way of accurately representing the things he saw. This consistency was shown in his earlier works, which were labeled to be the work of a mature artist. Viewing the artworks of Alberto Giacometti will surely boggle your mind but for sure, you will feel fascinated because of what these sculptures and images look like.

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