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How Did Original Oil Paintings Come About

By Artist | Saturday, July 17th, 2010 | Techniques

Oil painting is known as a type of artwork that goes back ages and was utilized as a way of decoration for things like well-known estates, castles and likewise the home of some commoners. A lot of really famous artist of their period utilized oil painting to help capture scenes throughout history, politics, faith as well as art. So many of these authentic oil paintings may be looked at to this day in plenty of galleries around the globe.

It is alleged that oil painting has sadly become an art that was lost in time and a real competent artist who is properly versed with oil painting methods just isn’t really as common. Anyone could do oil paint no matter if the individual has education, expertise or has any ability or not.

Long before cameras were made folks could pay an artist to paint a painting of someone for a wedding anniversary present, a birthday or as some unique present for just about every other special occasion. The artist will paint its subject who would have to stay in position for several hours till the artist captures the scene on canvas. The process proved to be rather tiresome for both the artist and the subject of the portrait.

European painters in the course of the fifteenth century have been the ones who have been credited for the invention of painting on wooden panels with oil media. Also in the course of the 15th century oil was made the painting medium along with exploring numerous benefits of glazes and layers that was then adopted by many others in Northern Europe.

Most paintings back then were on wood and it was at the ending of the fifteenth century that the canvas became far more popular. It was less expensive and easier to carry around. The recognition of this sort of painting began to spread as it went on via Italy in the north, with Venice throughout the late 15th century and by the year 1540 the older method of painting on a panel using tempera became extinct, nobody really utilized it aside from the Italians who did persist to make use of fresco for many wall paintings.

With contemporary technology with portrait painting any need for sitting in the identical place for a number of hours at a time was practically obliterated. Digital know-how has made so many factors a lot easier and this includes art.

The painter can just as easily make use of a photo of the subject as reference when doing oil paintings on canvas.

The once brilliant and delightful artwork of oil painting has now become lost to the more convenience and the speed of the digital modern period in addition to the hectic schedules and deadlines. Nonetheless, lots of the oil painting artist largely are thought-about and well known as exceptionally high quality craftsmen who are also reimbursed tremendously for all of their expertise with some prestige and normally a considerable commission fee.

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