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How Much Do You Know About Inspirational Art in the Form of Abstract Painting?

By Artist | Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 | Abstract Art

Abstract painting can be difficult to understand especially for people who are not directly interested in art. However, we all know that all abstract paintings have meanings, and we often hear artists say, it has a purpose. For people who see the beauty of abstract paintings, it all depends on how an individual expresses what he sees, which does not have to be based entirely to the artist’s idea.

It seems like most artists will be happy when they are able to spark the interest of the audience with regards their abstract paintings, and when it motivates other people to see its purpose; then it can be considered an inspirational art. Anything that encourages a person and makes him move and work for the benefit of others is considered an inspiration and that’s what an abstract painting do, although it is difficult to understand, it enables the artist to convey something to the viewer that is often intriguing and allows them to make their minds work and understand that piece of art, just like a christian art.

Abstract paintings are done to play with colors, symbols, and shapes which are just there and needs the viewer’s interpretation while the artist has exactly put it there in the canvas but it has representations in his mind. There are actually landscapes and forms to which the artist have personally put in expression and which often shows his depth and personal conceptions of things and ideas, which they find joy in creating and painting with the use of colors.

This is one way of expressing what they really feel deep inside, the different views that they have on the world and of themselves with their relationship to others.

Abstract painting is done with spontaneity. What the artist has in mind at the moment, he puts to action in colors and strokes made in the canvass. What goes on in their mind is articulated in their work and is captured by the colors and shapes that come out in the canvass. When this is understood, just like when an individual can relate to what he sees; this essence of art that is done to bring life and joy to others; just like what a Christian art does to other people, is the purpose of inspirational art that is then achieved.

Viewing a piece of abstract artwork will spark different interpretation, reaction, meaning and expression in you. Depending on the experiences you have of life, it can in a way spark a relation and interest you to understand what it is trying to relay and convey to you and not just merely a piece of color and stroke that has been put to canvass.

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