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You Can Learn How to Paint

By Artist | Saturday, December 25th, 2010 | Abstract Art

In some European cultures, it was once a must for members of families of elevated status to learn how to paint. This was not just a mark of high social status but of breeding and good education as well. To this very day, these age old reasons may still be good enough motivations to start learning plus there’s always the occasional kids art projects to do.

Aspiring modern artists can have less elevated reasons for wanting to render scenes the way art masters do. Some just want to become good painters because they want to appear sophisticated. This can be a good way to impress other people especially potential dates. There are however, still some other individuals who want to discover art because they want to express themselves constructively especially if they are unable to do so through other acceptable means. Also when you learn painting, you give yourself a great opportunity to simply unwind and relax from the stresses of the daily grind.

There aren’t a lot of different ways to learn to paint. The oldest learning method is to take after a master. This is simply another way of saying you should look for someone to apprentice yourself to. In modern days, this means enrolling in art school and participating in painting sessions. Depending on where you decide to study, this would mean having to spend a lot of good money.

If you can’t afford to go to school, the next best option is to learn by yourself. If you have an eye for detail and perhaps you are also a little blessed with natural talent, you can copy masterpieces first. Once you are confident that you can learn how to paint on your own, you can start producing your own works.

Copying is not for everyone because of the unique skill it requires. This doesn’t invalidate self teaching altogether. If you feel the need to have some form of affordable instruction, you can always put your money on instructional e-books and videos. The best of these resources offer you text explanations, pictures and demonstrations so you can easily grasp concepts.

You can’t go wrong if you decide to ask for help to learn. This is especially true if you know absolutely nothing about art and painting. A good teacher or a good instructional book will help you learn painting by giving you the chance to tackle basic concepts first. Some of these basic ideas or skills include appropriate brush handling, picking between water and oil colors, comprehending color links, adding light and shadow and painting without the use of brushes.

When deciding who or where to go to for help, you need to evaluate yourself first. Find out if you are a self starter or if you can’t manage without step by step instruction. Once you find out which kind of person you are, you can pick the most appropriate learning materials for best results.

It’s not impossible to learn how to paint well and do your own art projects even if you don’t think you have natural talent. With the right instructions, you can become an expert painter. You just need to find out which learning methods are ideal for you.

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